Monday, January 16, 2012

Style Shortcuts

We all have those mornings. You have big plans to get up, go to the gym, shower, blow dry your hair, pack a lunch and do it all before 9:00 am.  But then you roll over, look at the clock and its 8:30.        
But don’t automatically assume that this has to be a sweats and messy bun kind of day. You can still look amazing and no one will ever have to know you are an irresponsible slacker who slept through their alarm :) From one busy girl to the next: here are our "shortcuts to style success," so you can sleep that extra 15 minutes and still look fabulous! 

First things first: Hair.

            I have a few go-to styles that will look like you meant for it to happen. I normally start any “greasy hair day” with a teasing comb and a little hairspray. If you happen to have dry shampoo or baby powder that works as well.
High pony – always my first choice, this still works well on me to give myself height and pull attention up top to my eyes. It also gets those bangs out of the way, which always seem to be the first thing to look dirty.
Casual braid – depending on how long your hair is, a braid is always a classy and quick alternative when time is of the essence. I love the side braid and will leave out a little bang as well. Braids also prove a good alternative for dirty bangs. By French braiding your bangs, you create a fun and unique look while covering up the fact that you didn’t quite get around to washing your hair this morning. I love an inside out braid because it gives my hair a little more volume. Experiment and have fun with all the different types of braids that are available.
Down and MessyBlake Lively does it, why shouldn’t you? Add a little water and some hairspray, give it a scrunch and walk out the door. You probably don’t even need to worry about a brush.
Rock the “Provo Poof” – When I have exhausted all other options, there is always the “provo poof.” A few years back there was a huge fad in Provo, UT where all you had to do was backcomb your bangs, add some bobby pins and you were up with the trends. This style can still be used as a last minute option for dirty hair. Take the poof to the side or strait down the middle to add volume and a little funk. 15 seconds later and you are ready to conquer an Utah college campus. Phew, thank heavens for the “provo poof.”

Next up: Make up –
I think this segment is about personal preference. What are your 3 favorite make up items? Personally, I would put on some foundation and add a little bronzer, some mascara and I can walk out of the door with confidence. If I had extra time I would add lip gloss and some eye liner. But this is all up to you! Do what you need to do in order to feel the most confident – nothing looks more put together then simply feeling good about yourself!  

What to Wear and How - 

Now is not the time to experiment. You have your “go to” outfits that you love to wear. The ones that are casual, but chic, the ones that always make you feel thin. Don’t even think, just look in your closet and grab your favorite flowing blouse and stretchy skinny's and hit the road. The key to looking put together will be to add accessories. A scarf, hat or a string of pearls. It will take two seconds and make all the difference. 

Teeth brushed, deodorant on and you are good to go. With these tips I can wake up and get out the door in 15 minutes, so I know you can do! Most of all, confidence is key. So own your look and everyone will believe it too – promise.


  1. Great tips!

  2. I like to sleep as late as possible in the morning so I never have much time in the am. I feel like I do this too often! I pull my hair back (dry shampoo is a must!), put on something easy and then spend a few minutes on my makeup. Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment. Yes, let's follow each other! We just did on GFC. We love finding other blogging duos!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. what a nice post! :D
    following! :D

  4. I have definitely had mornings like that! These are some really fantastic tips. Especially the hair ones! Thanks for this! Following your blog! :)

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  6. Ha Ha just like when you wore your curlers to the soccer game in high school - sang the national anthem in front of everyone on the football field with curlers in your hair. Now that's confidence!

  7. gotta love dry shampoo! i also am growing out my bangs cuz those are never good for a quick and go hair style. thanks for the tips!