Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Shopping Fast

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30 days without shopping. You might as well ask me to go 30 days without breathing.
Everybody gets one vice, right? If that’s the case, then I pick shopping to be mine. I can rationalize a purchase in any way shape or form: I’m young and single, now is my time to look hot! I don’t drink, therefore I’m saving tons of money that I can spend on clothes. It’s been a rough day, I deserve it. And the list goes on.
But every credit card has its limit. And finally, it was time for me to put away the prada and start to save.
I had no choice but to wear the clothes I already own. Guess that means I had to get creative, be discipline and come up with a few tips to help me cope.
1. Creativity
- For 30 days, shop out of your own closet. Find those versatile pieces pair them up with some statement pieces. A striped shirt, brown belt, button up, your favorite colored pant. You can take these items and mix and match. Wear the button up under a tee for a more casual look or under a sweater for a sophisticated winter style. You could also “funk it up” by tying the two ends together in an 80s fashion over a dress or even with a pair of jeans and a cute belt. Mix patterns and be brave! Your creativity will push your fashion limits.  
2. Avoidance
- turn off the gilt group app and steer clear of the mall. Eliminate temptation. Put the coupon bearing emails in your junk folder, turn off app notifications and when going to browse online,  just say no and go facebook stalk your ex.
                3. Pin it!
- Heard of pinterest? Well, this website can help you combat your shopping habits (especially for you online addicts). I’ve made a wish list board and every time I want to buy something I pin it onto my board. I am still satisfied, but I didn’t have to spend a dime!
                4. Monitor your bank account
- we all hate this one but it’s a must for those hoping to save money. One look at my “retail” spending and I was scared into submission.
5. Give it a day
- a time old classic shopping fast tip, sit on the idea. If you can’t stop thinking about the item in a day, it’s probably a “necessary purchase.” But I bet you’ll forget about it and if not…well…just say “no.”
So there you have it. 5 surefire ways to keep you off of food stamps and your pocketbook from screaming for mercy. For all you addicts, I know this will be challenging, but take it from me – its possible! With a little patience, restraint and a good friend to give you a hard time every once in a while (thanks Kate!) you can do just about anything! 

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